Collaborating with moodley brand identity as a creative director and working on a broad spectrum of local and global clients.


After years and time well spent in New York with Stefan Sagmeister, Landor, Pandiscio Co, and Design MW, I returned to Vienna 2007 and opened my own studio. 


It is a timeless approach to regard each and every customer as an individual, therefore, the quality and care that goes into the design are of the utmost importance. 

Selected list of clients:

25h Hotels, Alas, Artconsult, Hotel Bachmair Weissach, Andreas Berger, Brandstätter Verlag, Dahlmann Catering, Design MW, Farbantrieb, GLC global logistics competence, Matthias Kessler, Marko Lipuš, Paul Matic, Merkur, Neni, Neni am Tisch, Neni Kochschule, Noll/ Keider, RGP Architekten, Jarret Schecter, Südwest Verlag, Katharina Stiglitz, Johanna Stockhammer, Teichmann Architekten, Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Nora Witzigmann

Collaborating partner:
moodley brand identity


Thanks to Martin Andorfer
Thanks to moodley brand identity