Brand Design

Grand Hotel Straubinger

After years of Sleeping Beauty, the Hotel Straubinger in Bad Gastein is coming back to life. Since the 16th century, this historic building by the waterfall has been home to the social and cultural elite. What once began as a humble tavern now stands for elegance and zeitgeist.

The Straubinger blurs the line between past and present. The revitalised Grand Hotel honours its rich heritage with classic elegance and modern flair. The stories that have been told in its rooms echo. But they also make room for new stories. Here, guests can walk in the footsteps of days gone by while forging their own paths.

An old world meets new impulses, historical narratives merge with the lifestyle of the present. Created for those who seek true luxury in personal development. Each stay is an invitation to fully engage with the house and the people who inhabit it.

In collaboration with BWM Architects, moodley has not only enabled the Straubinger to carefully preserve its roots, but also to modernise its brand strategy and visual identity. It has become a place where the eternally young zeitgeist is not just a trademark, but a philosophy of life.

Commissioned by and in collaboration with moodley
Portfolio photography by moodley