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The LaLa

For decades, the sisters Susanna and Cecilia have been in love with Los Angeles, where an urban-vegan lifestyle with plant-based protein shakes, smoothies, botanical lattes, juices and sugar-free desserts is quite normal. Something they have always missed at home. So the two visionaries simply brought the vibe of their dream city to Vienna.

The name The LaLa contains everything that the two associate with their concept: La La Land, the nickname for L.A., a certain attitude towards life and the symbiosis of the two sisters who form a brilliant double. The logo with the claim “very, very tasty plants” visualizes a smiling face, and the furnishings and the ambience also reflect a vegan lifestyle that the sisters like: with fun, self-assurance and without an the eco-warrrior-touch. The plant-based dishes have names like The Bunny, Oh So Green, Creamy Gary or Millionaire Bite. Lots of pink and green are the defining colors of the design – a world that may be a little wacky for some, but just very, very LaLa for the lovers of a wild, yet relaxed life.

Commissioned by and in collaboration with moodley brand identity

Creative Direction & Design: Doris Pesendorfer
Illustrations by Daniel Triendl
Photography by Sebastian Lager (food), Gerhard Wasserbauer (portrait)
Naming & Text by Regina Pichler
Team moodley: Helena Brosch, Kevin Nowak, Ulrike Hierzberger
Portfolio photography by Julian Mullan, Aaron Jiang