The Burren Perfumery

The precious plants and the stunning scenery have inspired and characterized the natural cosmetics of The Burren Perfumery for a long time. We united the close touch with nature and the sustainable approach of the business with the aspiration towards highest quality in a packaging design that would not only highlight the diversity, but also the naturalness of the products.

Based on the flora and the breathtaking nature in the Burren, we developed a packaging design that presents The Burren Perfumery like it is: self-confident and just genuinely natural. The six scent families give the product range – from body lotions to soaps and creams – a clear structure; the subtle, natural colors appear as discreet eye-catchers, proving that natural cosmetics cannot only stand out because of their content, but also because of their look.

Commissioned by and in collaboration with moodley brand identity.